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Small Business — threatened!

Two (2) US Senators recently sent a letter to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator urging that the Agency take action that will help small business fight against cyber threats.
In the letter, they stated, “While small businesses are concerned about cybersecurity, it’s clear they are not doing enough to prepare for and respond to cyber threats.”  Then they backed up their statement by citing some fairly staggering statistics.  They said,  “42% of small business owners were victims of cyber attacks in 2015. And the financial costs of these attacks averaged $7,000, but quadrupled to $32,000 if bank accounts were also hacked.”  Yet “...only one-third of small businesses have taken proactive steps to protect against cyber threats and only 12% have developed a cybersecurity response plan.”    READ MORE  from Small Biz Trends here…
At IBTECH-LLC, we work with small businesses that recognize the need to protect themselves from cybersecurity.  Sometimes small measures can be taken that can add a critical level of coverage.  Because we operate a small business also, we understand limited resources and minimal staffing.  We know how to create solutions for small, mid-size and large companies.   Most times our solutions are built to grow and add, in line with your business’ growth and needs.