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Small Business — threatened!

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Two (2) US Senators recently sent a letter to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator urging that the Agency take action that will help small business fight against cyber threats. In the letter, they stated, “While small businesses are concerned about cybersecurity, it’s clear they are not doing enough to prepare for and respond to cyber threats.”  Then they backed up their statement by citing some fairly staggering statistics.  They said,  “42% of small Read More

FCC net neutrality repeal is official

The FCC has officially implemented the repeal of net neutrality, rolling back Obama-era rules that sought to protect an open internet, Reuters reports. The move gives internet service providers power over consumer access to content and internet speeds. Now that the repeal has been officially published in the Federal Register, the way is clear for net neutrality advocates to sue to have the repeal overturned, reports TechCrunch. LinkedIn www.linkedin.com  


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