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FCC net neutrality repeal is official

The FCC has officially implemented the repeal of net neutrality, rolling back Obama-era rules that sought to protect an open internet, Reuters reports. The move gives internet service providers power over consumer access to content and internet speeds. Now that the repeal has been officially published in the Federal Register, the way is clear for net neutrality advocates to sue to have the repeal overturned, reports TechCrunch. LinkedIn www.linkedin.com  

9 things your service provider wants you to know

Enterprise IT can avoid some of the pitfalls in these tricky relationships by heeding advice from the providers themselves. The relationship between enterprise IT and service providers can be difficult. IT has frustrations in achieving optimal service levels. Service providers, as it turns out, have an equal number of bugaboos when it comes to their enterprise clients’ readiness for and acceptance of provider intervention. 9 things your service provider wants Read More